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Short story, long. 

My passion for visual expression in all its forms began at a very young age- I've been drawing or painting ever since I could hold a pencil or brush in my hand. I'd get lost in the meditative experience of drawing. I remember obsessing endlessly on simplifying a form, refining it down to it's crystalline essence. In that simplicity I found a clarity and truth that couldn't be arrived at through overblown rendering or histrionic flourish. The old saying, "less is more" rang true to me.

My other interest was information- I consumed book after book, assimilating more needless information than should be possible for a kid. I was obsessed with anything and everything that might occur outside my own sphere of experience. Non-fiction, fiction, comic book, novel, magazine article- it didn't matter. Everything interested me, and I had a voracious appetite for learning. For understanding. Consequently, my brain steadily became a repository for all manner of information, useless and useful. Pointed and pointless.

This phalanx of expression and understanding made me the creative I am today. Every moment formed the basis of comprehending the next. I'm grateful for my journey, because it has given me blemishes and scars as well as veneer and sheen. I'm thankful for my ability to appreciate the potential in the smallest of moments, to recognize greatness in the mundane, and to discern when beauty is not beauty, but merely window dressing. I love the satisfaction that comes from solving something complicated with elegant simplicity. Casting the widest net with the fewest words. Drilling communication down to its essence.

As much as I love to make and create, I take just as much pleasure in helping others to be the best version of themselves- professionally at least. I can't control the foibles and folly in someone's private life- but at work, I can inspire and make a believer out of almost anyone. 

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